On the Path
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    On the Path

    Na Putu

    Directed by

    Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Croatia


    100 min

    • Bosnian


    Loving young couple Luna and Amar try their best to overcome unexpected obstacles that threaten their relationship. When Amar is suspended for drinking on the job, Luna worries that this will interfere with her already fragile dreams of having a baby. Luna's fears grow when Amar accepts a well-paid job hours away in a fundamentalist Muslim community. After having been cut off from contact with Amar, Luna is finally allowed to visit him at the secluded Wahhabi commune situated on an idyllic lake. She discovers a mysterious environment of veiled women and ritual -- a world where the daily lives of men and women are separated and under strict surveillance. Luna begs Amar to come home, but he convinces her that the isolated sanctuary of prayer has brought him peace and helped him stop drinking. When Amar returns home several weeks later, Luna notices a dramatic change in his attitude toward religion. Amar insists that he is just trying to become a better man, but Luna finds it increasingly more difficult to understand his new beliefs. She begins to question everything that she has believed in, even her desire to have a child. As the wounds of a tragic war-filled past continue to haunt her, Luna tears herself apart searching if love is truly enough to keep her and Amar together on the path to a lifetime of happiness.


    Zrinka Cvitešić
    Leon Lučev
    Ermin Bravo
    Mirjana Karanović
    Marija Köhn
    Nina Violić
    Sebastian Cavazza
    Jasna Ornela Bery
    Izudin Bajrović
    Jasna Žalica
    Luna Mijovic
    Jasmila Žbanic
    Christine A. Maier
    Niki Mossböck
    Brano Jakubovic

    Director's Statement

    ON THE PATH is a literal translation of the original title NA PUTU. In Bosnian, it means to be on the way toward something. Like in English, it also has a spiritual meaning used to explain someone’s search for himself/herself, a person in the process of making choices, trying to reach some goal. As a couple, Amar and Luna are on the same path of love and life in unity. But then their path becomes different and they must make decisions as a couple and also as individuals. We also use NA PUTU to refer to a woman being pregnant, meaning that the baby is on its way to being born.



    Jasmila Žbanić

    Jasmila Žbanić

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    I am successful if I manage to make a film that I want and if it works emotionally for the audience, and if it stays with them after the screening and means something for them.

    Jasmila Žbanić was born in Sarajevo in 1974. She is a graduate of the Sarajevo Academy of Dramatic Arts, Department of Theater and Film Directing. Her feature debut GRBAVICA was awarded the 2006 Berlinale Golden Bear, the American Film Institute Grand Jury Prize, and Grand Prix Odyssey of the European Council and was sold to 40 territories with great success. Jasmila’s second feature ON THE PATH premiered in the competition program of the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival and has won numerous awards including Fimkunstfestival Schwerin Award for Best Director, Golden Apricot of the International Film Festival in Yerevan – FIPRESCI Prize, and Golden Arena for Best Director of the 2010 Pula Film Festival. Jasmila’s third feature FOR THOSE WHO CAN TELL NO TALES made its world premier at the Toronto Film Festival and was awarded 2013 Femme de Cinema award at the European Les Arcs Film Festival. In 2004, Jasmila has won Kairos Prize awarded to the European artists whose work is found to have outstanding cultural and social impact. Her project QUO VADIS AIDA was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

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