On the Road with Emil

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    On the Road with Emil

    Ich habe die angenehme Aufgabe

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    30 min

    • German

    Documentary, Short

    This charming film follows Emil - circus director and ringmaster - and his little circus from one village to the next, through the Austrian winter landscape. The film reveals the endless routine of circus life and the personal lives of the circus director and his family. We meet his jovial partner and their 10 circus children. They appear to be a happy family and joke about their lives and indiscretions. For the finale under this little big-top, we witness the youngest child being baptised, not only into the Church, but also into the circus life. This film reminds one of old photographs or newsreel footage of circuses from days gone by. This is not a film about the spectacle of performing animals (although the performing goats are something to behold), but rather it is an insightful little film about a family on the road.


    • Best Short Film - Würzburg IFF
    • Prix Max Ophüls

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    Hubert Sauper
    Danielle Proskar
    Hubert Sauper
    Pascal Comelade
    Hubert Sauper

    Hubert Sauper


    What you really search for, as an artist, is to create cinema which can give people a 'first-hand life experience.'

    Hubert Sauper was born in Kitzbühel/Tyrol, in the Austrian Alps. He lived in Great Britain, Italy, the USA, and then France for ten years. He studied film directing in Vienna (Univ. of Performing Arts) and in Paris (Univ. de Paris VIII.) and graduated with a B.A. (Mag. Art). Hubert teaches film classes in Europe and the USA. KISANGANI DIARY (1998) won numerous International Film Prizes and DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE (2004) was nominated for an Academy Award. He has also written and directed other works including ALONE WITH OUR STORIES (2000) and ON THE ROAD WITH EMIL (1993). His latest documentary WE COME AS FRIENDS was awarded at both the Viennale & Biennale this year and is currently an EFA nominee.

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