On the Wings of Hope

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    On the Wings of Hope

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    61 min

    • Arabic
    • Kurdish
    • Turkish


    On the Wings of Hope is a film about the hopes, dreams and reality of 5 people whose paths merged on an ill-fated boat journey from the Turkish coast to a Greek island. The film delves into the journey and fate of these 5 Iraqi Kurds who fled their homes after ISIS invaded. On the Wings of Hope tracks the lives of these people to see whether they managed to realize their dreams and establish new and better futures after a perilous journey involving rubber dinghies, overcrowded trains, unscrupulous border guards and human smugglers.



    Adam Kelleş
    Ceyhun Bür
    Umut Özçelik
    Ömer Leventoğlu
    Ümran Safter

    Ümran Safter


    Ümran Safter is a documentary filmmaker and journalist. For more than two decades she covered Turkey and the Middle East including the wars in Iraq and Syria for both print and television media. She started her filmmaking career in 2014 and has produced and directed several feature documentary films including The Eye of Istanbul, Through Ottoman Eyes, Sevan the Craftsman, The Sin of Being a Woman and On the Wings of Hope. She is the recipient of numerous national and international awards. She has also produced a number of television documentaries and television shows; including a feature on life in Guantanamo Prison filmed on location, the story of victims of the Bosnian war, and the conditions faced by Iraqi refugees in Syria, and the life of Evangelicals in the USA. She is the founder of Istanbul-based Ekim Media Production. ON THE WINGS OF HOPE (2019) is her most recent documentary film.