One Step Behind the Seraphim

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    One Step Behind the Seraphim

    Un Pas În Urma Serafimilor

    Directed by



    147 min

    • Romanian


    Gabriel is a 15-year-old teenager who wants to become a priest and is admitted to an Orthodox seminary. He starts by trying to fit in, but eventually realises the system is completely corrupted and abusive. Caught up in the fight for power between an incorruptible, but abusive priest and a cunning, crooked and unscrupulous secular teacher, the students learn that lying, stealing and betraying are skills they have to master in order to survive in the seminary. Who will graduate and become a priest? What kind of priests will they make after spending several years in this system?


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    • Romanian Days Audience Award - Transilvania IFF
    • Best Screenplay - Bucharest IFF
    • Best Feature Film, Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best First Feature Film, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Vlad Ivanov), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Ali Amir), Young Hope Award (Stefan Iancu) - Romania Gopo Awards



    Stefan Iancu
    Vlad Ivanov
    Ali Amir
    Alfred Wegeman
    Stefan Mihai
    Daniel Sandu
    George Dăscălescu


    Daniel Sandu

    Daniel Sandu


    Born in 1977, Daniel Sandu graduated The MEDIA University – Film school in Bucharest. He is screenwriter and director of short films, feature films and TV series. In 2013 he wrote and directed HORSEPOWER, a short film produced by Velvet Moraru (Icon Production). The film was shown at Transilvania IFF, at NexT IFF (Romania). In 2012 he directed the short film SECOND VOICE, produced by Ada Solomon (HiFilm Productions). The film won the Special PRIZE at Anonimul IFF 2013 and in 2011 he was the producer, writer and director of the short film THE COUNTING DEVICE co-produced by Ada Solomon (Parada Film) that was selected in the official competitions of Sarajevo IFF, Cambridge IFF, Montpellier IFF, Leuven IFF and won the Jury award at Leiden ISF. In 2008 he developed the screenplay for the feature film ONE STEP BEHIND THE SERAPHIM. He wrote and directed the short film entitled THE APPLE in 2001 and in 2000 wrote, directed and produced MEMORY SLICE, a short documentary, awarded with The Special prize at Eco-Etno-Folc Slătioara FF. He has wrote and co-wrote a number of television series including, NOBODY IS PERFECT, on Prima TV, THE CLAN on Kanal D TV and THE BUILDING on PRO TV. The completed film, ONE STEP BEHIND THE SERAPHIM screened at Transilvania IFF 2018, winning the Romanian Days Audience Award.

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