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    Afghanistan, Ireland, Japan


    83 min

    • French
    • English
    • Dari


    A young Afghani girl (Marina Golbahari) who’s forced to assume the identity of a boy in order to support her mother and grandmother (all the male members of the family are dead). Her hair is cropped and she assumes the name Osama, and quickly lands a job as an assistant to a store owner. Things go awry when all the boys in her village are corralled and sent to a religious school which also operates as a Taliban boot camp.


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    • Best Foreign Language Film - Golden Globes
    • Cannes Junior Award, AFCAE Award, Golden Camera Special Mention - Cannes FF
    • Special Mention - Bratislava IFF
    • Sutherland Trophy - British Film Institute Awards
    • Best Actress (Marina Golbahari) - Cinemanila IFF
    • Best Foreign - Golden Trailer Awards
    • Audience Award - Kerala IFF
    • Grand Jury Prize - Miami FF
    • Best Film Award, Best Young Actor Award (Marina Golbahari) - Molodist IFF
    • Audience Award, New Currents Award Special Mention - Pusan IFF
    • Golden Spike - Valladolid IFF



    Marina Golbahari
    Arif Herati
    Zubaida Sahar
    Gol Rahman Ghorbandi
    Mohamad Haref Harati
    Mohamad Nader Khadjeh
    Khwaja Nader
    Hamida Refah
    Siddiq Barmak
    Ebrahim Ghafori
    Siddiq Barmak
    Mohammad Reza Darvishi


    It is beautiful, thoughtful and almost unbearably sad.

    A. O. Scott, The New York Times

    This first feature out of post-Taliban Afghanistan takes a straightforward, even unpromisingly obvious premise and transforms it into a film of power, suspense and sophistication.

    GA, Time Out

    Siddiq Barmak

    Siddiq Barmak


    Siddiq Barmak was born in Panjshir, Afghanistan in 1962. He earned a Master degree in directing from The Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. His debut feature film, OSAMA (2003), won several awards including the Golden Globe for Best foreign film and the Golden Camera – Special Mention in Cannes. His second film, OPIUM WAR (2008), earned the Golden Marc’Aurelio award in Rome. Siddiq Barmak is the publisher of the first cinema magazine in Kabul and the founder of the Union of Afghan filmmakers.