Ouaga Girls

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    Ouaga Girls

    Directed by

    Sweden, Burkina Faso, France, Qatar


    80 min

    • French


    A group of young women from Ouagadougou study at a girl school to become auto mechanics. The classmates become their port of safety, joy and sisterhood, all while they are going through the life changing transition into becoming adults in a country boiling with political changes.



    Iga Mikler
    Sophie Winqvist
    Margareta Lagerqvist
    Alexandra Strauss
    Christoffer Roth
    Saïdou Richard Traore
    Jenny Wilson

    Director's Statement

    All transitions are fragile. With this film I wanted to capture the trembling time before choices are made, the time before everything will be changed. When dreams, desires and courage get mixed up with opinions, fears and societies expectations of what a woman should be. The feeling of no longer being a child, yet not owning your life, but still feeling like you are on top of the world on a Saturday when you are out with your friends. Your friends are your everything, and life keeps happening to you while you are trying to figure yourself out. With OUAGA GIRLS I wanted to do an intriguing and inspiring growing up story with warmth, laughter and depth.

    Theresa Traore Dahlberg

    Theresa Traore Dahlberg


    Theresa Traore Dahlberg was born in 1983 in Värnamo, and spent her childhood on the Swedish island of Öland and in Burkina Faso. She is now based in Stockholm. After a couple of years in New York assisting directors, photographers and production managers, she studied 16mm film at The New School in New York and spent three years at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her graduation film, TAXI SISTER, about the female taxi driver Boury in Dakar, Senegal, has gained a lot of attention and been screened at festivals worldwide. Theresa Traore Dahlberg has since produced a TV series aired on Swedish National Television (SVT) and filmed with different production agencies and organizations in Haiti and in Burkina Faso. OUAGA GIRLS (2017) is her first feature documentary and was screened at Goteborg FF.

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