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    Directed by

    France, Haiti, United Kingdom


    140 min

    • French
    • Creole


    The Living and the Dead Ensemble, an artist collective from Haiti, France and the UK, bring an embodied and contemporary perspective to the history of the only uprising of enslaved peoples that led to the creation of a state. Shot in Haiti and France, through complex conversations and performances, Ouvertures considers ideas around language and translation as well as major themes of colonialism, power, cultural memory, generational trauma, knowledge and resistance.


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    Leonard Jean Baptiste
    Mackenson Jewel
    Dieuvela Cherestal
    Jephthé Carmil
    Jacques Casimir Rossi
    James Desiris
    James Fleurissaint
    Sophie Maignan
    Cynthia Maignan
    Zakh Turin
    The Living and the dead Together
    Louis Henderson
    Diana Vidrascu
    Leila Gheist
    Louis Henderson
    Jõao Polido
    Louis Henderson

    Louis Henderson


    Born in Norwich, 1983 and currently living between London and Lille. Henderson Received a First Class BA Honours in Film and Video from London College of Communication in 2007 - where he continues his research as a visiting lecturer and a PhD candidate supervised by William Raban and Dr. Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield from 2009 until the present, and from 2011 – 2013 Henderson has been studying for a diplome in Cinema and Visual Arts at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains. For the year 2013, Henderson was awarded an Entente Cordiale scholarship from the French Embassy in London. Henderson has shown his work nationally and internationally, including Rotterdam International Film Festival, EMAF Osnabrueck, Centre Pompidou, Museo Reina Sofia, Tate Modern and Whitechapel Gallery.

    Selected Filmography

    Olivier Marboeuf

    Olivier Marboeuf


    Olivier Marboeuf is an author, critic, performer and independent curator. He has been the director of the Espace Khiasma since 2004. His path has led him through issues of the connections between text and voice to still and moving images and more broadly on the importance of sharing. For several years now his research has focused on a re-examination of colonialism according to the principles of narrative speculation that compete with the dominant historical tale. He is heavily involved in art cinema and is a producer with Spectre Productions and a programmer with Phantom, a department within Khiasma. OUVERTURES (2019) is his latest feature film.