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    20 min

    • Kurdish
    • Turkish


    Istanbul, today. The city has become one big machine that pulls people apart. Through the streets of the city echo the voices of young male and female workers. The harsh reality of an uncertain economic phase is felt in each segment of what is left of the Turkish society class structure. A Kurdish girl stands up against her family rules and tradition. The last young member of a diminished clan remembers the past ruefully. A child worker is forced to support his family since he is the only one who earns some money. A young unemployed male sells himself to tourists in front of the Blue Mosque. His body is the last working tool he is left with. Torn between the West and the East, Istanbul becomes the city symbol of a world that can neither go back nor (yet…) step forward.


    • Jury Prize - CineDoc Tbilisi


    Okan Urun
    Ebru Ojen Şahin
    Cihan Ocak
    Gürcan Keltek
    Murat Tuncel
    Eytan İpeker
    Rick Tomlinson


    Gürcan Keltek portrays the culturally and economically marginalized Muslim working class with a strong visual flair. Shot in a potent and grainy black and white, Fazlamesai is a sorrowful meditation on how people struggle to hang on to their lives and hopes when facing some of the bitterest hardships.

    Giona A. Nazzaro, Vision du Réel

    It’s a bold picture: Rough, grainy black and white, a handheld, long focal distance camera, intercut travellings, restless images, always on the run, always moving, accompanied by the terse, well-timed off-screen tales..And was the Bosporus Bridge, symbol of a prospering, future-oriented Turkey, ever photographed as sadly as in this film?

    Matthias Heeder, DOK Leipzig

    Gürcan Keltek

    Gürcan Keltek


    There are no limits in documentary filmmaking, and when you try to describe them, they just expand.

    Born in İzmir, Gürcan Keltek studied film at Dokuz Eylül University before directing several shorts including OVERTIME (2012), selected at Visions Du Réel and DOK Leipzig. His medium-format film, COLONY (2015), was screened at FIDMarseille. METEORLAR (2017), his first feature film, premiered at Locarno Film Festival where it won Swatch Art Peace Hotel First Feature Film Award and Cinelab Award. GULYABANI (2018) premiered in Signs of Life section at Locarno Film Festival.

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