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    105 min

    • Serbian

    Drama, Thriller

    Cannes IFF

    After two years of going out and flirting around, Jovan decides to go back to College. Among others girls, Jovan is seeing Maja, seemingly ordinary, modest girl. He treats her casually, no strings attached, like other girls he is dating. But his first impression of Maja shifts when he starts to discover home video clips posted on her Facebook page. At first glance, the clips are just ordinary recordings from Maja's everyday life.
    However, when Jovan looks closer, he finds hidden clues of Maja's deception and infidelity. While confused about why he feels bothered by it, Jovan becomes unsecure about Maja’s feelings, hurting her in order to provoke her true emotions. The passion between them grows stronger. His jealousy and possessive impulses disappear only when they are one, joined through passionate sex. But as the video clips gradually merge with reality, Jovan loses himself, desperately trying to understand who Maja really is.


    • Special Recognition for a young actress (Jovana Stojiljković) - Cinema City IFF
    • Best Debut Film (National Competition) - IFF Belgrade FEST



    Slaven Došlo
    Jovana Stojiljković
    Miloš Pjevač
    Nebojša Milovanović
    Tamara Dragičević
    Jelisaveta Orašanin
    Aleksandar Đurica
    Branka Pujić
    Pavle Vučković
    Jelena Vuksanović
    Đorđe Arambašić
    Bojan Kosović
    Milan Sv. Đurđević

    Director's Statement

    PANAMA is a love story about an emerging issue in the young generation. Hiding emotions, running away from intimacy and honesty, and general alienation are the central themes of this intimate love drama. Two lovers are fighting against their emotions, trying to hide their feelings. In that way they are complying to a prevailing belief in which relationships between young people are reduced to vanity, distancing and emotionless sex.

    Afraid of being rejected, the characters in the movie are going through internal, intimate dramas in which forbidden love is no longer a matter of social status or nationality, but of narcissist conventions where emotions are unnecesary and a reflection of weakness and where compassion and empathy are objects of mockery. PANAMA speaks about something that is present all around us, but that we don't seem to notice.



    a well-directed and promising piece.

    Bénédicte Prot, Cineuropa

    Pavle Vučković

    Pavle Vučković


    PAVLE VUČKOVIĆ is born in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. Finished Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, Film and TV Directing department. Twice awarded at the Cinefondation competition of Cannes Film Festival for short films RUN RABBIT RUN (2003) and MINUS (2007). RUN RABBIT run was shown in various festivals such as Pusan Film Festival, Cottbus Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Kiev, Milano... Film is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA) and was shown in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and in London Tate Modern. Apart short films, he is making music videos, commercials and TV shows. Worked on TV show on B92 Mile VS transition. His first feature film PANAMA (2015) was premiered in Cannes Film Festival Official Selection-Special Screenings section. PANAMA was sold around the world: Germany, UK, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine…

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