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Panamerican Machinery

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Panamerican Machinery (Maquinaria Panamericana)

Directed by Joaquín del Paso

  • Mexico, Poland 2016; 86 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Comedy
    • Mezcal Award for best Mexican debut film - FIC Guadalajara
    • Best Mexican Feature - Guanajuato IFF
    • Best Original Screenplay - Ariel Awards
    • FIPRESCI Award - Guadalajara IFF

  • From the director of THE HOLE IN THE FENCE presented at Berlinale Co-Production Market


Thank goodness it’s Friday at Panamerican Machinery S.A., a company specializing in repairing machines used for demolition and construction. Happy in the knowledge that the weekend is upon them, Panamerican’s employees settle into their offices and cubicles only to make a horrific discovery: Don Alejandro, the company’s owner, has been found dead in the back of the warehouse. Suddenly learning that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy and their jobs are on the line, the employees decide to lock themselves inside the factory. One of the employees decides to implement the five-stages-of-grief program to help the others cope with their terrible loss—but what ensues behind those locked factory doors will prove to be impossible to overcome.



    Joaquin Del Paso 

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