Alberto Fasulo

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Parents (Genitori)

Directed by Alberto Fasulo

  • Italy 2015; 84 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


Is a family with a disabled child a disabled family? PARENTS is a documentary film that takes the liberty of entering, imagining and understanding the real-life experiences of families with a disabled child. Day after day, they face up to their routine and discover again, in dialogue, the possibility of supporting and comprehending that daily existence. The issues which come to the fore – independence, sexuality, limits, feelings of guilt and the right to employment – are issues which every parent must address, sooner or later.

Director's Statement

The first time I met this parents’ association I started to question my personal awareness of being a father. The ‘job’ of being a parent can be learnt only on one own skin, it cannot be learnt from the outside. Probably, the only reference point could be the example of our own parents, but always from a personal point of view, the one of a son. Day by day, between mistakes and fortunes, one grows up with his child, in his own role of father or mother, among the daily difficulties and pleasures. Parents stand at the base of our society, because they lay the civil foundations for a human being, in order to give him the necessary values to become an independent adult and subsequently, a parent himself. This mechanism can be damaged dealing with the awareness that a child will not be self-sufficient because of a diagnosed mental or physical disability.

I created PARENTS in order to confirm the dignity of every parent, in every kind of experience, particularly the ones with disabled children, but not only. I made this film even for myself, to allow myself to understand and increase my knowledge about the parental role, in order to experience it with as much consciousness as possible. I wanted to offer this opportunity to every spectator who will watch the film, because I think that the gift these parents made me, giving themselves to the film, was an act of generosity that gives hope for the future. The screenwriting and, consequently, the editing, was a permanent wondering about which was the border between the personal dimension and the universal one of the characters and the themes I was dealing with.

Through this film I would like to invite the audience to take part in an experience of sharing and exchange, wishing that this precious dynamic could find a place even outside the theatre. I think that film should get back, today more than ever, its formative and social function. PARENTS has already represented a formative experience for both the protagonists and the director. Now it aims for representing the same for the audience.






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