Pebbles at Your Door

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    Pebbles at Your Door

    Directed by



    19 min

    • Korean

    Interactive Fiction

    "If we lived in Paradise, we would no longer need hope." Harmonia lives a happy life in North Korea, but her reality cracks as she learns the truths, she never wanted to know. In the end she faces a choice of living in a broken paradise of lies and deception, or treading the unknown, lonely path of the real world outside. Nothing is free, and the struggle to become a whole human being is inhumane. Pebbles at Your Door is a film about a woman from the North Korean elite who faces the reality of her once beloved childhood paradise and the impossible task of healing a life that has been torn from birth.



    Lis Dyre
    Esra Geelmuyden Pertan
    Vicky Singh
    Phong Le
    Minh Le
    Vibeke Bryld

    Vibeke Bryld


    Vibeke Bryld is a Danish filmmaker and writer, born and raised in provincial Denmark, and educated in Copenhagen and London. She holds a BA in literature and a Masters in documentary filmmaking. She has directed short documentaries for Al Jazeera, a few experimental documentaries, and a TV series, and her BEDTIME STORIES FROM THE AXIS OF EVIL (2011) was nominated for best documentary short by the Danish Film Academy. Other work include PEBBLES AT YOUR DOOR which toured the world and premiered at the Berlinale 2015. Besides directing documentaries she was the Editor in Chief of DOX, the European Documentary Magazine until September 2014. Her latest VR project HUSH was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

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