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Venice Gap-Financing Market
Pebbles at Your Door

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Pebbles at Your Door

Directed by Vibeke Bryld

  • Denmark 2015; 19 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Interactive Fiction

  • From the director of HUSH presented at Venice Gap-Financing Market


"If we lived in Paradise, we would no longer need hope." Harmonia lives a happy life in North Korea, but her reality cracks as she learns the truths, she never wanted to know. In the end she faces a choice of living in a broken paradise of lies and deception, or treading the unknown, lonely path of the real world outside. Nothing is free, and the struggle to become a whole human being is inhumane. Pebbles at Your Door is a film about a woman from the North Korean elite who faces the reality of her once beloved childhood paradise and the impossible task of healing a life that has been torn from birth.



    Maria Kristensen