Petit Frère

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    Petit Frère

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    70 min

    • Spanish
    • Creole


    A Martian rover explores the streets of Santiago de Chile. A dog, born in Haiti and called “Courage”, works detecting bombs at La Moneda, the governmental palace. Meanwhile, Petit-Frère Wilner, a Haitian immigrant, is being interviewed in a makeshift television studio, whose host is also the cameraman. To speak of exile and identity—in this case, that of the Haitian community in Chile—Roberto Collio and Rodrigo Robledo choose a fragmented form, full of surprises and u-turns, a fragmentary approach that proceeds via displacement and free association. Guided by a creole voiceover—the language that Petit-Frère uses for the news bulletin he publishes for his community—we thus enter into a dialogue, between the collective and the personal, between the dreams and the reality of these first-generation immigrants, between visions of the future and ghosts of the past. So, as Petit-Frère lets his imagination take him to Mars, a painter-poet secluded in a setting of ruins becomes a visionary, the conscience of a people escaped from slavery and heading towards an uncertain future.


    Roberto Collío

    Roberto Collío


    Roberto Collío started his career as a sound designer on several films. In 2009 he directed his first short film, HOMBRE MUERTO, followed by the short documentary WHITE DEATH. His feature documentary co-directed with Rodrigo Robledo, MA TERRE CHERIE was awarded the Chilean CORFO development grant. His most recent documentary, PETIT FRÈRE, also co-directed with Rodrigo Robledo will have its world premiere at Visions du Réel 2018.

    Selected Filmography

    Rodrigo  Robledo

    Rodrigo Robledo


    In 2011 Rodrigo Robledo finished his studies in Audiovisual Directing at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. During this time, he wrote and directed his first documentary short, BREAKFAST, an experimental piece which, through an intimate and minimal gaze, portrays the mind of his grandfather at the onset of Alzheimer’s. After he graduated he began to work at the same university as assistant to Iván Osnovikoff in the Language and Audiovisual Realization workshop. In addition to continuing with independent short film work such as “La educación de los niños” (The Education of Children), which formed part of the official selection at London Open City Docs Festival in the selection Land in focus, he also continues working with recognized industry professionals like Andrea Chignoli, who assisted in editing the film POST MORTEM by Pablo Larraín. Currently he works at Universidad de Santiago USACH. PETIT FRÈRE is his first feature documentary.