Piazzolla, The Years of the Shark

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    Piazzolla, The Years of the Shark

    Piazzolla, los años del tiburón

    Directed by

    Argentina, France


    90 min

    • French
    • English
    • Spanish


    Born with a malformed right foot to a newly immigrated and deeply impoverished Italian couple, young Astor Piazzolla did not have a beginning that would portend greatness. Yet growing up in Mar del Plata with parents who fanatically believed in their only child's brilliance, they would soon place a 22-pound bandoneon in the boy's arms, beginning a life's journey that would take the young musician from the seediest Argentinian nightclubs to the world's grandest concert halls, and in the process have him regarded as a genius, tango assassin, controversial, virtuoso, and heretic, often all at once. Now, in preparation for a major museum retrospective on his father's life, son Daniel Piazzolla opens the family vault, sharing never-before-seen home movies and audio recordings conducted by late sister Diana. The film paints a picture of an assured, complicated man; one who struggled to balance creative expression against the needs of making a living; an iconoclast who felt unwelcome in his own country but who found peace fishing its waters; one whose philosophy of disregarding the past and always looking forward would transform the tango and at the same time dramatically impact his own family. Director Daniel Rosenfeld weaves a rich visual and sonic tapestry in telling of a complicated figure whose failures and triumphs created one of Latin America's greatest musical legacies.



    Astor Piazzolla
    Daniel Piazzolla
    Daniel Rosenfeld
    Ramiro Civita
    Alejandro Carrillo Penovi
    Astor Piazzolla
    Daniel Rosenfeld

    Daniel Rosenfeld


    Daniel Rosenfeld wanted to be a pianist composer, but ended up making films.
    Mass Media graduated, he studied editing with Miguel Perez, staging with Augusto Fernandes, acting with Julio Chavez, and took seminars with Krysztof Kieslowsky, Stephen Frears, Jorge Goldenberg, Lita Stantic, Ken Adam, Alessandro Baricco, Antonhy Mingella and Abbas Kiarostami. He won grants from foundations from Antorchas & Rockefeller, Huber Bals, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, ICI, Jan Vrijman, Berlin Talent Campus. He worked on several full-length films as director Alejandro Agresti's assistant and directed some experimental shortfilms and some commercials for Argentinacine production house.
    His first full-length documentary film SALUZZI, which talks about musician Dino Saluzzi and the creative process, was nominated for Best Film Critics Award from Argentina. His second full-length film THE CHIMERA OF HEROES, about an Argentinian ex rugby player, received two awards at the Venice Film Festival, in addition to the Audience Award at Belfort Film Festival and the Jury mention award at Bafici. His latest documentary PIAZZOLLA, THE YEARS OF THE SHARK (2018) screened at festivals worldwide.

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