Pietra tenera

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    Pietra tenera

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    52 min

    • Italian
    • Thai


    Inside a workshop covered in green dust, an old man turns a stone on a machine stamped “Pasquino- Milano”. He is soon joined by his wife and adopted son. The teenager is learning the trade alongside his father. In the mountains, where they extract the stone, they undergo the elements: the sun, the wind, the snow, and time is versatile. With a melodious Thai accent, the mother tells of her arrival in Italy. The father evokes his roots, the history of his ancestors and the work of soapstone. The son envies his friends, their journeys, the risks they take where they only have themselves to blame or thank. As if echoing his doubts, he suffers a fall on his motorcycle. Accidents are repeated from generation to generation, along with obscure forces that bind them together. Much like the spirituality expressed with in Thai culture as well as on the roof of the world that is the “Valteline“, tensions never really reach a breaking point. They are part of a whole and give weight to existence. Built like a kaleidoscope, the film attempts the approach of reality by small impressionist touches. The discreet look at this universe, sets a strange distance with the reality that slips, imperceptibly, into fiction.


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    Alberto Gaggi
    Noi Gaggi
    Ati Pietro Gaggi
    Silvio Gaggi
    Aurélie Mertenat
    Joakim Chardonnens
    Lucrezia Lippi


    Aurélie  Mertenat

    Aurélie Mertenat


    Aurélie Mertenat obtained her degree from the Cinema Department at the Graduate Institute of Art and Design (HEAD) in Geneva in 2010. There she wrote and directed a short-film documen- tary (LA MAISON DE CEDRIC) and a short-film (TOUPIE) who both deal with characters breaking loose.

    Filmmakers Albert Serra, Charles de Meaux, Miguel Gomez, Apitchatpong Weerasetakhul and Gianfranco Rosi have been sources of precious exchange and teachings to her. In 2013, she enrolled in the Torino AdaptLab screen-writing program with the Romanian writer Razvan Radulescu (4 MOIS, 3 SEMAINES, 2 JOURS).

    In parallel, Aurélie Mertenat collaborates in producing numerous films, both documentary and fiction, as an assistant director and sound engineer (TABLEAU NOIR by Yves Yersin / LA MALADIE BLANCHE by Christelle Lheureux / LA MAISON DES FEMMES by Richard Dindo).

    In 2011, she co-founded “Vue sur mer films”, an association whose goal is to produce ’auteur’ style cinema in Switzerland. She is also part of the filmmaker collective “Terrain Vague“.

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