Pine Ridge
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    Pine Ridge

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    77 min

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    19-year-old Bert Lee sits in the shades of a tree in Yo Park. Cassandra Warrior feeds her daughter Diamond Rose. Daniel Runs Close sweats under the sun at Wounded Knee Memorial site. Kassel Sky Little puts his boots on at the Waters Rodeo. Vanessa Piper is alone in the middle of Badlands. Lance Red Cloud hangs out behind the gas station at night. It is summer and they all live here, at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, USA.


    • Best Nordic Documentary - Goteborg IFF



    Vanessa Piper
    Kassel Sky Little
    Lance Red Cloud Cassandra Warrior
    Daniel Runs Close
    John Little Finger
    Bert Lee Montileaux Jr
    Nadim Carlsen
    Anna Eborn
    Chris Douglas

    Director's Statement

    I created a narrative build on a series of seemingly disconnected scenes all set in the Native American Reservation Pine Ridge in South Dakota, a community on a chaotic stand still. Its younger residents are the characters of my film, and what concerns them, that is the focus: sometimes an irretrievable past, sometimes a dream, sometimes the inner thoughts of an uncertain future. I strive for a cinema that tries to reach for some kind of understanding of life. The youth of Pine Ridge who I met during research and shooting has given me not only a deeper understanding of my film-making but has also effected my own understanding of life. Kind of like the butterfly effect, man. You know.



    Eborn’s portrait is a remarkable rendition of the human condition

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    ...packs unexpected emotion

    Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

    Anna Eborn

    Anna Eborn


    More than an interpretation, I try to create something that is alive. Every movie I make is an experience. I trust the protagonists and my cinematographer and commit to the metod we create to make something that resonates in others.

    Anna was born in 1983 in Sweden. Her debut PINE RIDGE was selected in the Official Selection at Venice IFF 2013 and won the documentary dragon at the International Film Festival in Gothenburg in 2014. Her film EPIFANÍA a hybrid/fiction, premiered at Busan IFF 2016. LIDA premiered in competition at CPH:DOX and Visions du Réel in 2017. Lida received the Jury Award at Nancy IFF. TRANSNISTRA premiered and won Big Screen Competition at the IFF Rotterdam 2019. TRANSNISTRA also won the Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary in Göteborg FF 2019.

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