Plot 35

Not available for screening anymore

Plot 35 (Carré 35)

Directed by Éric Caravaca

  • France, Germany 2017; 67 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Audience Award for Best Documentary - FIFF Namur


Plot 35 is a place that was never mentioned in my family; it is where my elder sister, who died aged three, is buried. The sister about whom I was told nothing, or nearly nothing, and of whom my parents had oddly never kept a single photograph. It was to make up for the missing images that I decided to make this film. Thinking that I would simply chronicle a forgotten life, in fact I opened up the hidden door to a past that I was unaware of, to the subconscious memory that lies inside each of us and who makes us what we are.




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    Agathe Valentin