Police Killing

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    Police Killing

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    105 min

    • Portuguese


    POLICE KILLING is a documentary about homicides committed by on duty police officers in Rio de Janeiro, in situations initially considered as legitimate self-defense. The dead person is accused of being a drug dealer and having fired against the police.
    However, the officers' account is confronted by the emergence of videos and the fight of mothers who try to prove their sons were innocent. The film portrays the clash of versions in court hearings, the backstage of police investigations and the State Parliamentary Inquiry Committee established to investigate the high rates of homicides during police operations.


    • Best Documentary - It's All True International Documentary FF


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    Natasha Neri
    Juliana Farias
    Lula Carvalho
    Pedro Von Krüger
    Marilia Moraes
    Alberto Continentino
    Natasha Neri

    Natasha Neri


    Natasha Neri is a journalist, with masters in Anthropology, and researcher in the field of Criminal Justice and Human Rights. She has been studying the theme of Police Killings for over a decade and is the co-author of the book "When Police Kills: Resistance Followed by Death in Rio de Janeiro (2001-2011)", Booklink, Rio de Janeiro.

    Lula  Carvalho

    Lula Carvalho


    Lula Carvalho is a member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) e the Brazilian Association of Cinematography (ABC). He has worked as a cinematographer in over 30 features, including 7 DYAS IN ENTEBBE, ROBOCOP, ELITE SQUAD and NetFlix series NARCOS and THE MECHANISM. He has won over 20 prizes for best cinematography, including this year's ABC prize, for the feature BINGO- O REI DAS MANHÃS.