Possible Faces

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Possible Faces

Directed by Kang-hyun Lee

  • South Korea 2017; 130 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama
    • Citizen Critics's Award - Busan IFF


Giseon works as an administrator at a high school. He begins to nurture an interest in Jinsu, a student on the soccer team. He asks him how his soccer practices are, and whether there are any problems in school. He even visits him at home. Giseon’s ex Hyejin quits her job and gets busy remodeling her mother’s small restaurant. The stories of Giseon and Hyejin run parallel, and they reappear after some time has passed. Giseon has quit working at the school and is writing for a private newsletter. He is writing a story on a delivery driver, Hyeonsu.



    Lee Hyejin