Prime Time Rage

Not available for screening anymore

Prime Time Rage (Puoli Yhdeksän Raivo)

Directed by Sanni Priha

  • Finland 2018; 29 min
  • Original version: Finnish
  • Genre: Short, Essay
    • Student Award (National Competition) - Tampere Film Festival
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For every generation there is a war story to be told. The story is told in the evenings. It is like a movie about the good and the bad, us and them, profits and losses. Some images are so impressive that they are turned into symbols and monuments; beginnings, turning points and endings. This is a film about the story of war which the evening news told to us, growing up in the 1990s. The story was told with images of burning oil fields. It was reported that on its withdrawal the defeated side ignited the oil wells in fire, causing major financial losses. There were no images of human casualties. The story began when we were kids and it still goes on.



    Saara Toivanen