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Projectionist (Panorama)

Directed by Yuriy Shylov

  • Ukraine, Poland 2019; 72 min
  • Original version: Ukrainian, Russian
  • Genre: Documentary


Valentin is over sixty and has spent more than forty years working at Kyiv’s oldest movie theater. You don’t have to twist his arm to go out drinking and dancing – the eccentric man simply ignores his age. He lives a satisfied “cinematic” life while caring for his ill mother with love and a sense of humor. But as with everyone else, life puts up new obstacles that he must overcome. Through careful observation, the movie offers more than a portrait of the jovial, outgoing Valentin. It also takes a nostalgic look at the past, here personified by the old-timers with whom Valentin drinks a toast while the movie projector rattles on…

Director's Statement

I have a lot of retired friends and notice the same problems and crucial points in their lives. Valentyn plays the role of a guide in this tragicomedy. Crowds of people pass by him. Losses, diseases, search for new activities and senses… All these things seem to be familiar to everybody. Valentyn is a swinger. I was curious to see the person with such a temper searching for his own sense when it all was fading, falling and going away



    Gennady Kofman