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Les Arcs Industry Village, Venice Gap-Financing Market
Punk’s Not Dead

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Punk’s Not Dead (Pankot ne e mrtov)

Directed by Vladimir Blaževski

  • Macedonia 2011; 104 min
  • Original version: Macedonian
  • Genre: Comedy
    • FEDEORA Jury Prize - Koper Festival of European and Mediterranean Film

  • From the director of FREEDOM OR DIE presented at Les Arcs Industry Village
    From the producer of FREEDOM OR DIE presented at Venice Gap-Financing Market


Mirsa is the former singer in what was once the most popular punk band in Macedonia, but it broke up years ago. He’s now forty, still living with his mother, and he occasionally sells drugs for Albanian dealer Gzim, who in return supplies him with grass on the cheap. Then one day Gzim comes up with an idea: Mirsa ought to get his band back together so they can perform at a benefit concert in Debar, a Macedonian city with an Albanian majority population. Mirsa has an almost herculean task ahead of him: after a period of 17 years, to locate and convince all the band members, some of whom left Macedonia after the break-up of Yugoslavia, to perform together once again in concert.
On a minimum budget, director and screenwriter Vladimir Blaževski has turned in a punchy independent road movie about people for whom punk isn’t just music, it’s their whole life. He also uses black humour and insight to touch upon more serious issues and, thanks to the documentary techniques he employs in the film, he manages to achieve a sense of absolute conviction.



    Darko Popov