Putty Hill

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    Putty Hill

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    87 min

    • English


    From the director of SOLLERS POINT presented at Cinemart and Berlinale Co-Production Market Berlinale - Forum 2010

    A young man dies of a heroin overdose in an abandoned house in Baltimore. On the eve of his funeral, family and friends gather to commemorate his life. Their shared memories paint a portrait of a community hanging in the balance, skewed by poverty, city living, and a generational divide, united in their pursuit of a new American Dream.



    Sky Ferreira
    Zoe Vance
    James Siebor
    Dustin Ray
    Cody Ray
    Charles «Spike» Sauers
    Catherine Evans
    Virginia Heath
    Casey Weibust
    Drew Harris
    Marina Siebor
    Matthew Porterfield
    Jeremy Saulnier
    Marc Vives

    Director's Statement

    I was raised in a Baltimore suburb wild with unkempt hedges, disheveled lawns and porches, yards full of car parts and swimming pools, and a church or a bar on every corner. This neighborhood, located just inside the city line, is the inspiration for much of my work and sets the scene for PUTTY HILL. On a most basic level, it is an amalgam of traditional forms of documentary and narrative realism. But it is an approach to realism in opposition to the anthropological, lyrical, and romantic currents present in most of the genre. More importantly, though the structure of the film was plotted, the details of individual scenes were largely improvised, breathing life into the dialogue and bringing an enhanced degree of naturalism to the relationships between characters.



    "A great, deep, powerful new indie film. * * * *"

    Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

    Matthew Porterfield

    Matthew Porterfield


    I like characters in transitional periods - those are the characters I want to write about. I don't like characters who always know what to do - I like characters who are trying to decide how they feel.

    Matt Porterfield studied at NYU, lives in Baltimore, MD, and teaches at Johns Hopkins University. His first feature, HAMILTON (2006) was named “one of the finest American independent films ever made” by New Yorker film editor Richard Brody. Porterfield’s second feature, PUTTY HILL (2011) premiered in Berlinale Forum and was released in the US by Cinema Guild. In 2012, Matt was a featured artist in the Whitney Biennial, a Creative Capital grantee, and the recipient of a Wexner Center Artists Residency. He has two feature scripts in development: METAL GODS (IFP No Borders, 2012) and SOLLERS POINT. His third feature, I USED TO BE DARKER, premiered in 2013 at Sundance and in Berlinale Forum. In 2016, he co-produced and co-wrote Gaston Solnicki's first fiction feature, KÉKSZAKÁLLÚ.

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