Queen Antigone

Not available for screening anymore

Queen Antigone (Vasilissa Antogoni)

Directed by Telémachos Alexiou

  • Greece, Germany 2014; 93 min
  • Original version: Greek
  • Genre: Drama


A young woman lives with her critically ill father and her teenage brother in a small seaside town in Greece. She has been working in a fashion-shop for months but she's still unpaid, so she is unable to pay for her father's medical care. Meanwhile, she is also hopelessly trying to protect her little brother from the school bullies. She wants to cry out but finds no words. She wants to run away but her legs are tied. One day, as she's looking for cigarettes in her brother's school bag, she finds his copy of Sophocles' Antigone. Gradually, she begins to identify with the heroine. Powerless and self-destructive, she becomes a victim of her fate, walking the path to her own tragic fall and final catharsis, with a chorus of three young men leading the way.



    Jürgen Brüning