Quitting Smoking by Smoking
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    Quitting Smoking by Smoking

    Smettere di fumare fumando

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    68 min

    • Italian


    Armed with a Gopro digital micro camera, a Canon 5D and an iPhone, Gipi recounts his first ten days as a smoker who has decided to kick the habit. Filming himself every moment of the day, he records first the amused delirium of the first few days, then the collateral effects of abstinence and finally his reflections on why a person chooses to poison himself. All this during a trip with a couple of friends in search of the places where he was first tempted to have that initial cigarette.



    Federico Penco
    Michele Penco
    Meri Davini
    Garzella Loretta
    Annalisa Pacinotti
    Grega Davini
    Anna Paola
    Wolf Sister
    Davide Russo Diesi
    System of a Down

    Director's Statement

    I stopped smoking, from forty a day to zero. Cold turkey. My last night as a smoker I placed the cameras in front of the bed so that, the next morning, filming would take the place of lighting up a cigarette. I wanted to show what happens to a smoker who interrupts the flow of nicotine to his brain. I had a rule: I would shoot and edit, day by day. No backtracking and correcting things. The shooting lasted ten days. Then things got normal again. I wasn’t crazy anymore. I wasn’t suffering anymore. Not enough to make it part of the story. After ten days the film petered out. I haven’t touched a cigarette since.




    Gipi, the pseudonym of Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Pisa, Italy 1963), cartoonist and director, began publishing cartoons and short stories in 1994, collaborating with the satirical magazine “Cuore” and with the monthly magazine “Blue.” He has published various books with Coconino Press, including Esterno notte; Appunti per una storia di guerra, which was awarded best comic strip of the year at the Angoulême International Festival in 2006; and the famous LMVDM. La mia vita disegnata male. An illustrator for the daily “La Repubblica,” the author of “dubious comic strips” for the weekly “Internazionale,” editor of a blog which publishes “idiotic shorts,” he debuted as a film director in 2011 with L’ULTIMO TERRESTRE, which competed at the Venice Film Festival.

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