Rare Bird

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Rare Bird (Ave Rara)

Directed by Vasco Saltão

  • Portugal 2019; 36 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Film of the Portuguese Competition - Curtas Vila do Conde


A hunter crosses the woods followed by his loyal dog. The shots break the silence giving an account of the birds that are killed. At a certain point the hunter hears strange noises and traces them to a clearing: he spots in the distance two white figures, that may be ghosts, or perhaps two people playing, or even two angels. In any case, the hunter shoots and doesn't miss, hitting one of the figures. From here on a mysterious film unravels, made of silences, frowned faces, and shifty eyes, in a journey across the border between the oneiric and reality, which we cannot actually pinpoint. Later, when the hunter crosses the village, he's perceived as an apparition, as if he himself were a ghost.



    Pedro Peralta