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Asian Project Market

Not available for screening anymore


Directed by Vijay Jayapal

  • India 2016; 118 min
  • Original version: Tamil, English
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of NIRVANA INN presented at Asian Project Market


A bedridden tetraplegic mother and her middle-aged son Manohar, who is a street bookseller, move into an apartment. In the same building lives Shobha, a young Tamil woman who settled in Calcutta with her husband and whose marriage is on the rocks. Shobha offers to look after Manohar’s sick mother for him and in sharing their loneliness, they begin to develop more intimate feelings for each other, but Manohar can’t accept these feeling so easily due to his secret past. Shobha’s journalist husband Sekhar falls in love with free-spirited intern Divya while they are reporting on the local Calcutta rock music scene, becoming increasingly obsessed with her despite ulterior motives on her part.



    Vijay Jayapal