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    In 1992, two men were shot in a field near the German-Polish border. The circumstances which led to the death of Grigore Velcu and Eudache Calderar have not been clarified even today. According to official reports, they were victims of a hunting accident, a tragic mixup over wild boar. The hunters were never convicted, as the protracted trial failed to pursue many of the most decisive questions and eventually ended in an acquittal. Nearly 20 years later, Philip Scheffner carries out the painstaking investigation that never took place back then. He seeks out the dead men’s relatives in Romania and records the statements they were unable to give until now. As with the other witnesses and different experts he returns to question, he gives them the opportunity to listen to their own statements and reassess them as necessary – unlike standard practice, which elevates statements to fact the very moment they are made. In this way, Scheffner performs a cinematic revision of the case and the medium simultaneously. His diligent handling of material and reports creates a web of landscapes, recollections, case files and German political sentiment all of an increasingly oppressive complexity.


    • Documentary Award - goEast FF


    Merle Kröger
    Philip Scheffner
    Bernd Meiners
    Philip Scheffner

    Director's Statement

    The film starts with the end of a story:
    Statistics published by the NGO “Fortress Europe” state that at least 14,687 people were reported in the media to have died along the European border between 1988 and August 2009. As a piece of news, their death makes them part of European history and simultaneously deprives them of a voice in its historiography. They become silent witnesses to a European security discourse that mainly revolves around itself, tacitly accepting the deaths.
    REVISION is an attempt to trace the open ends of such a piece of news and explore the cinematic possibilities of capturing its protagonists as agents of a story. A story with multiple beginnings.



    Philip Scheffner

    Philip Scheffner


    Philip Scheffner was born on 28 May 1966 in Homburg/Saar. He lives in Berlin since 1986, where he works as a documentary filmmaker and video and sound artist. He runs the production platform pong along with Merle Kröge, Alex Gerbaulet and Caroline Kirberg. His most recent feature films, HAVARIE and AND-EK GHES..., were selected at the Berlinale Forum in 2016. His project PLACE DE L'EUROPE was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

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