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Directed by Niles Atallah

  • Chile, France, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar 2017; 90 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special Jury Award - IFF Rotterdam
    • Audience Prize - FICUNAM
    • Prix Découverte de la Critique Française - Cinélatino
    • FIPRESCI Best Feature Film - Vladivostok IFF


Once upon a time, a man travelled to the end of the world. There, at the tip of recently independent South America, he founded his kingdom. It was 1860 and this French adventurer, Orllie-Antoine de Tounens, was perhaps a little crazy. Armed with a constitution penned by himself and a new flag, he fought his way through the rugged wilderness on horseback. After arriving he managed to unite the natives and was chosen to become their ruler. At least, that’s one version of this true story. Or, he was helped by a native traitor. He was a French spy! He succeeded, but was captured. Banished. Died. But returned? Who remembers the what and where of it? In REY, the problems of history and memory are emphasised by the degradation of image and sound.

Director's Statement

REY came into being as I sifted through the many pieces of this king’s story. I imagined a film that evoked an analogous experience in the spectator: a journey through a realm of forgotten dreams, the decaying memories and fantasies of a ghost. And like a fading memory, they remain a chimera to this day, a king and a kingdom that exist only in dreams.



    Lucie Kalmar