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Roadstead (Rada)

Directed by Alessandro Abba Legnazzi

  • Italy 2014; 70 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Best Film for Italiana.doc - Torino FF
    • Best Cinematography - Krakow FF


Perched above the sea, overlooking Paradiso bay in Camogli, is the imposing building that houses the G. Bettolo rest home, a historical institution of the Italian Navy, now owned and managed by INPS. This is where eighteen retired sailors live, a crew forced to live on dry land and which, under the guidance of a film crew, navigates the unknown waters of making a film.

Director's Statement

The idea for the project came about through the contrast between the legendary figure of the sailor with the beret and striped T-shirt, and the unusual and melancholy version relegated to a rest home. To somebody who lives on the sea, dry land is synonymous with inert things at rest. And then there is the ‘roadstead,’ the middle moment, when the ship drops anchor and awaits permission to enter the port. In this moment of standstill, the crew kills time by doing maintenance, dawdling and talking about hard knocks, nostalgia, stress and wishes. So I proposed an activity to the sailors to fill their time: we make a movie together, pretending the rest home is a ship in a roadstead.



    Alessandro Abba Legnazzi 


    Enrico Giovannone