Rooted With Wings

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Rooted With Wings (Ikuinen liike)

Directed by Thomas Freundlich

  • Finland 2018; 53 min
  • Original version: Finnish
  • Genre: Documentary


ROOTED WITH WINGS offers an in-depth look on the career of Tero Saarinen, one of the most internationally successful dancers in Finland. The film sheds light on Saarinen’s choreographical thinking and his work with dancers. Saarinen is interested in the intersection of vulnerability and strenght, finding connection outside oneself. Safety mechanisms created in the midst of the information flood can be broken away from through dance. Saarinen talks about, for example, other horizons which can be seen past the physical reality when creating dance. In the movements, inspired by ancient rituals, the individual’s relationship towards the community is central. The film is set on a five-year period between the years of 2014–2018. Touring with the performance takes the choreographer from Paris to Finland, Korea and Kenya to Japan. The image and the philosophy of dance are intertwined into one in the hands of the experienced dance filmmaker Freundlich and told in the words of Saarinen himself. The moments spent at dance receive the focused attention they deserve, and the film also consists of new segments created for the camera.



    Mete Sasioglu