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    Frase d'Arme

    Directed by

    Italy, France


    32 min

    • Italian


    Vivaldi, barely in her teens, is already a “former” promising fencer. Suddenly incapable of winning, her mother forces her to watch video footage of herself: her fencing competitions are taped over home movies of the last family holiday before her parents split up, when she was still a little girl. A technical glitch with the tape means that the past resurfaces in the form of enigmatic fragments. One of them, a video she shot herself when she was a child, will reveal something that had always been kept secret from her until now, forcing her to confront her passage to adulthood head on.



    Elisabetta Bianchin
    Laura Martinelli
    Lidiya Liberman
    Michelangelo Dalisi
    Tommaso Marini
    Fabrizio Saccomanno
    Alma Ricuperati
    Federico Di Corato
    Michael Garcia Capron
    Giglielmo Trupia
    Federico Di Corato

    Federico Di Corato


    Federico Di Corato was born in Andria in 1991. THE SHACK (2014), his first short film, was presented at the 67th Locarno Festival in the Pardi di domani section. FRASE D'ARME springs from a quest researching the world of junior fencing and was developed at the writing workshops of the Milano Film Network and NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema. In 2017, Federico Di Corato was one of the tutors in the project For a counter-history of Italian cinema – 8 video essays, presented at the 70th Locarno Festival.