Safe Place

Safe Place

Directed by Juraj Lerotic

  • Croatia 2018;
  • Genre: Drama
    • Eurimages Coproduction Development Award - Cinelink

  • THEN I SEE TANJA previous work of director Juraj Lerotic, available for screening on Festival Scope


After Damir tries to take his own life, suddenly and without a clear motive, his mother and brother have no other choice but let him be hospitalized. Despite having confidence and faith, they soon witness the nonchalance and indifference of the doctors. When Damir escapes and appears on the doorstep, they decide to respect his decision and not place him back in hospital. Attempting to help the person whose actions and behaviour they understand less and less, they find themselves in an entirely unfamiliar territory.

Director's Statement

The film is reduced to the most acute, to a short time span and a clear situation that can be put in a nutshell: to save the loved one. The characters are, due to unforeseen events, forced to be focused exclusively on the present and the decisions they have to make. Through the course of the film, they are never at the same location twice, they rarely have time to reflect, experience or analyse what happened – they simply go headlong into situations. The directing style is raw, devoid of embellishments and rhetoric garnishes – the viewer is given the opportunity to witness the characters’ struggle without distractions.



    Boris T Matić