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    66 min

    • Spanish


    It’s all there in the first, seemingly never-ending shot: the dappled sunlight on the forest floor, the sound of birdsong, the two-person tent, the air of general lethargy, a sudden shift in mood, the first reddening bloom of what will soon be a black eye. Summer is in full swing in the verdant natural surroundings near the Northern Argentinean town of Salsipuedes and Rafa and Carmen’s camping trip is about to be punctuated by a visit from her mother and sister. Yet while her mother is quick to apply her magic cream to cover up Carmen’s swelling eye, there’s no easy way of lifting the pall it has already cast over proceedings. Alternating between tight close-ups of faces and lingering shots of the bucolic setting, Mariano Luque’s auspicious debut conjures up an atmosphere at once suffocating and serene, suffusing the day and night spent in this troubled couple’s company with the constant, yet unrealised threat of violence. And as the final shot returns to precisely the same framing as the first, the wan light of early morning would only seem to confirm the apparent impossibility of escape.


    Mara Santucho
    Marcelo Arbach
    Mariana Briski
    Mariano Luque
    Natalia König
    José Benassi
    Mariano Luque
    Juan Ceballos
    Rafael Ibarborde

    Director's Statement

    The film was made with a low budget but this turned out not to be an impediment. On the contrary, it strengthened the creativity and commitment to work. We shot the film in 6 days in 3 locations, relatively close to each other. The main difficulty was the rain, the classic enemy of the shooting. It rained a lot those days, fortunately we were able to rearrange the schedule and we managed to adapt. We worked with a very willing crew, we all got along great. They have even created new job opportunities together since.



    Mariano Luque

    Mariano Luque


    Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1986. He graduated from the cinema school at the National University of Córdoba. He wrote and directed the short films SECUNDARIO (2010), SOCIALES (2013) and ASÍ ME DUERMO (2015), and the features films SALSIPUEDES (2012) and OTRA MADRE (2017). His films were screened at Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastián, Rotterdam, among others. Currently he's working on his new project INSPECTION ON EARTH. His documentary, THE TREES, was selected at Cinéma du Réel 2018.

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