Satan Said Dance

Not available for screening anymore

Satan Said Dance (Szatan kazal tanczyc)

Directed by Kasia Rosłaniec

  • Netherlands, Poland 2016; 97 min
  • Original version: English, Polish
  • Genre: Drama


"Satan Said Dance" is an Instagram film in times of the selfie. A kaleidoscope of moments from Karolina - a scandalous writer obsessed with parties, drugs, sexuality and complex relationships, on her way to self-destruction…
Karolina, 27, has three boyfriends, a sister who wants to be like her, and emotional ties to her parents. Yet her story is about egotism and loneliness. A film about how easy it is to focus on one’s own ego and why egotists have such a need to see their reflection in the eyes of others? Is it a mistake to demand more freedom and strive for independence, when in fact we have too much freedom, and what we really need is a feeling of belonging?



    Ewelina Maka