Satan Said Dance

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    Satan Said Dance

    Szatan kazal tanczyc

    Directed by

    Netherlands, Poland


    97 min

    • English
    • Polish


    "Satan Said Dance" is an Instagram film in times of the selfie. A kaleidoscope of moments from Karolina - a scandalous writer obsessed with parties, drugs, sexuality and complex relationships, on her way to self-destruction…
    Karolina, 27, has three boyfriends, a sister who wants to be like her, and emotional ties to her parents. Yet her story is about egotism and loneliness. A film about how easy it is to focus on one’s own ego and why egotists have such a need to see their reflection in the eyes of others? Is it a mistake to demand more freedom and strive for independence, when in fact we have too much freedom, and what we really need is a feeling of belonging?


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    Magdalena Berus
    Lukasz Simlat
    Tygo Gernandt
    Hanna Koczewska
    Marta Nieradkiewicz
    Danuta Stenka
    Kasia Rosłaniec
    Virginie Surdej
    Stefan Stabenow


    Satan Said Dance reproduces and celebrates the happy fallacy of social media.

    Rachel Brook, One Room with a View

    Katarzyna Roslaniec confirms her creative line and her interest in the dilemmas of a generation of young people lost along the road to maturity.

    Dorotha Hartwich, Cineuropa

    Kasia Rosłaniec

    Kasia Rosłaniec


    Kasia Rosłaniec (Poland, 1980) directed MALL GIRLS which premiered in Toronto 2009 and won numerous international awards. Her second film BABY BLUES won the Crystal Bear for the Best Film in Generation Section of Berlinale 2013. Both films were Box-office hits in Poland with 1 million admissions combined.