Scandinavian Silence

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Scandinavian Silence (Skandinaavia vaikus)

Directed by Martti Helde

  • Estonia, France, Belgium 2019; 75 min
  • Original version: Estonian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Europa Cinemas Label Award - Karlovy Vary IFF


The psychological drama with thriller-like elements is about the reunition of two characters. Their journey through winter landscape forces them to discover the backgroun d of a violent event having taken place years ago. Unsolved past leads the characters to a choice that will define the future for both of them.

Director's Statement

When making the film I was guided by the silence and alahoidlikus that’s very common for Nordic people. It’s a story that helps us understand why it’s so difficult for us to be open to each other. And what happens with us in situations when keeping silence is no longer possible. The film is built up according to exactly this moment – moment when the silence brakes. SCANDINAVIAN SILENCE is human and compassionate story filled with anger and love. (...)



    Elina Litvinova