Secret Ingredient

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Secret Ingredient (Iscelitel)

Directed by Gjorce Stavreski

  • Macedonia 2017; 104 min
  • Original version: Macedonian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Jury Special Mention - CineMed Brussels
    • Special Mention (Balcan Competition) - Sofia IFF
    • Macedonian Submission for the 91st Academy Awards


Vele lives on the outskirts of Skopje in an apartment with his father Sazdo who is suffering from an aggressive form of lung cancer. Vele is trying to help him, but unfortunately he can’t afford to buy him the expensive medication he needs.After preventing his father from committing suicide, Vele decides that he should act fast. So, he turns to unconventional methods that include homeopathic “memory-water”, placebos made from aspirin and cinnamon, he even attempts to rob a pharmacy without success. His hopes change when he finds a big package of marijuana. He soon discovers the impacts that weed may have on pain in cancer patients.Vele decides to bake a pie with his “secret ingredient” and offer it to his father, who will seem to miraculously recover. This immediate change will draw attention from the neighborhood as everyone wants to try this miracle pie and asks for the recipe. At the same time, the gangsters that lost their package start searching for it. Vele already knows that time is not on his side and he tries to offer his dad company and memorable moments.






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    Matthias Angoulvant