See and Listen

Not available for screening anymore

See and Listen (Ver y escuchar)

Directed by José Luis Torres Leiva

  • Chile 2013; 90 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary


Sharing what is lacking, such is the programme of the latest film of José Luis Torres Leiva, whose work we vividly recall from previous editions of the FID since 2006. Showing not only disability and its related pains, but above all else unusual — though no less valuable — ways of experiencing the world. Blind and deaf people converse, question, surprise and educate each others. Fingers move about quickly, translation follows promptly, both visible and audible, hands get touched and squeezed, and out of their tactfulness, sentences, stories, reserve and emotions arise. A young deaf and blind woman teaches Braille typing to a woman who has come to visit her, and laughs at the woman’s clumsy ways with the impressive typewriter. Here the world isn’t diminished, but disrupted, turned upside down. Because, in the end, nobody has a perfect command of senses, or sense. Here, a small community shares its strength and its conviction to be relegated, its ability to wonder and its refusal of a suffering that is mostly social. Thus the film is both a story that teaches us about courage and an object lesson: look, listen.



    Catalina Vergara