Seewatchlook – What Do You See When You Look at What You Watch?

Not available for screening anymore

Seewatchlook – What Do You See When You Look at What You Watch? (Seewatchlook – O Que Você Vê Quando Olha o Que Enxerga?)

Directed by Michel Melamed

  • Brazil 2014; 74 min
  • Original version: English, Portuguese
  • Genre: Documentary, Drama


“Seewatchlook –What do you see when you look at what you watch?” is a documentary on the challenges in creating a show in NYC—the first intended to be seen from the High Line Park. From Brazilian artist Michel Melamed, the film blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, performers and spectators.

Director's Statement

At the end of 2011, the Brazilian artist Michel Melamed returns to New York City, where he performed every year since 2006 in places such Public Theater, Mabou Mines / PS 122, etc., this time through a research grant. Michel then proposes a challenge to himself: in less than five months to find a theater, a cast, create a new show and film the whole process... And so during his journey Michel discovers a new space in the city, never used for artistic practice, making it even more a unique challenge...

This is the beginning of “SEEWATCHLOOK - What do you see when you look at what you watch?”, a documentary about the boundaries between reality and fiction through the creation of the same name performance, presented on the corners of Tenth Avenue and 17th Street, to be seen from the bleachers of the High Line Park – a diversity of scenes that evoke the imagination of the audience and passengers by, for example, through the relations between Muslims and Jews, the Guantanamo prisioners and LGBT rights.

From buying the camera to the first attempts to shoot; from a newspaper ad looking for actors to the auditions of over a hundred artists; and then the premiere and an article at the cover of the art section of the New York Times, the movie presents a small portrait of the mythical city, its theater scene and an invitation to rethink the role of the beholder in the construction of reality. It is important to highlight that the original soundtrack is exclusively composed by the director. Finally, SEEWATCHLOOK is a neologism; a brand new verb. When we move from "see" to "watch" and then to "look" or to “stare”... ? It all depends on who is seewatchlooking and how they seewatchlook? How is the city a stage? What is theatre and what is not? Are the performers actors or citizens? From humor to poetry, theater to performance, "cinéma vérité" to reality show, is one of the challenges of this movie to think about one of the central issues of the contemporary world: there are boundaries between reality and fiction? And then to ask: what do you see when you look at what you watch?



    Bianca de Felippes, Gabriel Bortolini 


    Marcello Ludwig Maia 


    Paulo Mendonça