Self-portrait: at km 47

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    Self-portrait: at km 47

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    77 min

    • Mandarin


    The young filmmaker returns to her village to interview the elderly on the Chinese famine of 1958-60. But the villagers’ replies direct her back to the memory of her own family.

    Director's Statement

    After my first documentary SELF-PORTRAIT AND THREE WOMEN, my second “self-portrait” was painted in a village named “47 KM”. This village is located 47 KM from Suizhou, Hubei Province, where my father was born. He left the village when he was 20, but his father, my grandfather, still lives there. In the summer and winter of 2010, through my participation in the “Folk Memory Project”, I went back to the village, which seems disconnected from my current life, and re-discovered and came to better understand my grandfather, the old villagers who underwent the disaster of the famine fifty years ago, as well as the village, which always perplexed and embarrassed me. What does “47 KM” really mean to me? It seems to be like a mirror, I see myself in front of it.

    Zhang Mengqi

    Zhang Mengqi


    Zhang Mengqi was born in 1987. She graduated from the Dance Academy of China Minorities University in 2008. She is now a freelance dancer in Beijing. She has created two dance pieces SELF-PORTRAIT AND DIALOGUE WITH MY MOTHER and SELF-PORTRAIT AND SEXUAL SELF-EDUCATION. Her first documentary film is entitled SELF-PORTRAIT AND THREE WOMEN. SELF-PORTRAIT: AT 47 KM is her second film.

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