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Sex Is No Laughing Matter

Not available for screening anymore

Sex Is No Laughing Matter (Hito no sekusu ni warau na)

Directed by Nami Iguchi

  • Japan 2008; 137 min
  • Original version: Japanese
  • Genre: Romance, Drama

  • From the director of NO ONE ELSE presented at Asian Project Market


The love story of a young male student and a woman lecturer at art college. When Yuri misses the last train home, she comes across Mirume and gets a ride from him. After that fateful encounter, Mirume is taken by surprise when he discovers that Yuri is the new substitute teacher in his lithography class. She invites him to her cottage for a sketching session and that kick starts a love affair between them. Everything looks going well for the two lovers, but Yuri’s husband enters the picture and, all of a sudden, the future of those two star-crossed lovers looks uncertain.



    Miyuki Tanaka