She Walks

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    She Walks

    La Marcheuse

    Directed by



    77 min

    • French


    Lin Aiyu, an Chinese illegal immigrant, is a prostitute in the streets of Belleville in paris. She lives with her teenage daughter, who she hides her job from. Their lives are turned upside-down one night when an unknown injured man suddenly bursts into their home. Sometimes an abductor, sometimes a prisoner, the man is nevertheless a threat and an opportunity to be taken.



    Yannick Choirat
    Lan Qui
    Louise Chen
    Marion Doussot
    Naël Marandin
    Colin Houben
    Damien Maestraggi
    The Ghostdance

    Director's Statement

    In my short films I explored dubious attractions, where curiosity and desire a combined. I explored how the social order influences the intimate order, how the need and interest form feelings and desire, how insecurity and exclusion mark people and their encounters. When I met Chinese women working as prostitutes in Belleville the project became natural. For 6 years, and thanks to my knowledge of Mandarin, I accompanied these women in their medical and administrative procedures. They shared their stories, their hopes, their visions of the world with me. Their stories, and some of the scenes I witnessed, fed into my script. La Marcheuse is a fiction, but I wanted it to be deeply rooted in reality. The film was shot in the streets of Belleville with non-professional actresses, some of whose lives are very similar to my heroin's.



    A social and sensual crime film in Belleville.

    Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

    Naël Marandin

    Naël Marandin


    Naël Marandin was an actor as a teenager. After studying political science, he went to live in China. He has made two award-winning shorts. SHE WALKS, his first feature, is inspired by his reaching out to Chinese women working as prostitutes in Paris.