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She Wolf

Not available for screening anymore

She Wolf (Mujer Lobo)

Directed by Tamae Garateguy

  • Argentina 2013; 92 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Love Story, Drama

  • From the director of DOGMAN presented at IFFAM Project Market


SHEWOLF is the name a female serial killer who selects her preys by traveling in the subways of Buenos Aires. She seduces men, has sex with them and then kills them. But one of his victims turns out to be a policeman who is after her. Trying to escape him, the shewolf meets a dealer who helps her and starts a relationship with him. This new feeling unleashes an internal war between her three personalities: the monster, the sexual being, and the human that is still capable of feeling love.

Director's Statement

This is an erotic police story featuring some edgy situations.



    Jimena Monteoliva