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    Noci sonanti

    Directed by



    79 min

    • Italian


    One nut alone doesn’t make a sound when you carry it in your pocket. But many nuts clatter. And so the small community where nine-year-old Siddharta lives with his 65-year-old father Fabrizio calls itself “Noci Sonanti”, the “Ringing Nuts”. The two of them live without electricity or any of the comforts of civilisation in a house situated in a remote Italian region. Occasionally people arrive who become part of the tribe for a while before they move on. Like Erica, who we sometimes see absorbed in meditation with Fabrizio. But Siddharta and Fabrizio aren’t completely isolated. There’s a change every month when Siddharta moves in with his mother Sofia and her new family. The boy also maintains a friendship with a girl from the village, near his father’s house, where he gets in contact with things Fabrizio has ruled out a long time ago: highly sweetened ice tea, for example. Or remedies for lice. Damiano Giacomelli and Lorenzo Raponi observe the life of the “Noci Sonanti” over one summer marked by sun-drenched days and newborn cats. The directors eschew any pointed judgement, but still skilfully edit together the different models of life between which Siddharta moves and quite often mediates.



    Damiano Giacomelli
    Lorenzo Raponi
    Aline Hervè
    Enrico Giovannone
    Eva Luciani
    Lorenzo Raponi

    Lorenzo Raponi


    Lorenzo Raponi is filmmaker born in 1986 in Tolentino, Italy. He studied at University of Macerata, where he graduated in cinema history and criticism. He has directed short films and documentary videos, and worked as first assistant director. Since 2014, has been working as collaborator for Officine Mattòli Productions. SIDDHARTHA (2019) is his feature debut.