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    Directed by

    Bulgaria, Qatar


    97 min

    • Bulgarian


    A small town in present-day Bulgaria. A mother and her two daughters are struggling to survive. The dreamy and distracted younger daughter often invents stories in order to make life more interesting. Unwittingly, she eventually gets caught in the trap of her own lies and destroys her older sister’s well-ordered materialistic world. While struggling to get to the truth, the two sisters find out the truth about their mother.


    • Sofia City of Film Grand Prix - Sofia IFF


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    Monika Naydenova
    Svetlana Yancheva
    Elena Zamyarkova
    Assen Blatechky
    Svetoslav Ovcharov
    Svetla Tsotsorkova
    Vesselin Hristov
    Svetla Tsotsorkova
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Director's Statement

    “Sister” is actually a story about myself. I was seven years old when my mother sent me out to buy some bread. On my way to the bakery, I ran into some other kids and we ended up spending the money I had on cotton candy. I came home with a bag of chestnuts that one of the neighborhood kids had given to me. I told my parents that the baker’s wife was having a baby, which is why

    the bakery was closed, and that I had bought the chestnuts, so that we’d have some- thing to eat.

    I was nineteen years old when I applied to the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. I wrote a short film script about drug addicts and made it to the next round. Georgi Djulgerov, who would become my professor, asked me how I knew such details about the life of drug addicts. I told him that my parents had hired a man to drop me off

    and pick me up from school, and that one day I’d found him taking drugs in the bath- room of our apartment. In order to avoid having to give further explanations, I quickly

    added that the man had subsequently died and that I’d found him dead at the threshold of that same bathroom. And then I started crying.

    I was raised by my grandmother in a village in the Strandzha Mountain in the southeast- ern part of Bulgaria. Our life there was boring, locked as it was between the vineyard, the

    vegetable garden, and taking care of the donkey. And how can you not make up stories when the daily grind itself doesn’t offer anything exciting?

    “Sister” is a love confession for the people who live precisely such seemingly unremark- able lives. It seems to me that we all owe a debt to the truth about the kind of world we

    live in.

    Svetla Tsotsorkova

    Svetla Tsotsorkova


    I believe that people expose themselves in better ways when you put them in a raw environment.

    Svetla Tsotsorkova was born in Burgas in 1977. In 2004 she graduated the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. Since then she has been working mainly as a producer and actress. Her first short film as a director LIFE WITH SOPHIA (2004) won awards at Trieste, Sofa, Lodz, Beijing, Poitiers FF. Her first feature film THIRST (2015), had its world premiere at San Sebastián IFF, receiving various awards. Her latest work is the feature SISTERS (2019).

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