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Asian Project Market, HAF

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Directed by Eddie Cahyono

  • Indonesia 2014; 88 min
  • Original version: Javanese, Indonesian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Performance - Singapore IFF

  • From the director of THE WASTED LAND presented at Asian Project Market
    From the director of IMAH (WORKING TITLE) presented at HAF


The story tells about a one-day life of a woman, named Siti, 24 years old. She is a young mother who takes care of her mother-in-law, Darmi; her son, Bagas; and her husband, Bagus. Bagus had an accident when fishing a year ago resulted in his paralysis. His new boat purchased with borrowed money is lost at the sea. Siti then struggles to support them. In the situation of increasingly squeezed because of the crush of debt, Siti has to work day and night. At a day time, Siti sells Jingking crackers in Parangtritis. At night, she works as a karaoke guide. Because of her job as a karaoke guide, Bagus does not want to talk to Siti anymore. This situation makes Siti frustrated. Night life at karaoke makes Siti acquainted with a cop, named Gatot. Gatot loves her and wants to marry her. Siti is in hesitation. The pressures of life make her to choose her own happiness.

Director's Statement

I want to make a movie in Parangtritis, which is the beach in Bantul, (27km from the southern city of Yogya) Yogyakarta, Indonesia. There is a special food named jingking crackers. The size of jingking crackers are not big enough and they usually sold by old-woman. When I am in Parangtritis, I always ask myself what the sellers are actually thinking when they are selling jingking crackers and waiting for buyers. How's their family?

There are many karaoke spaces arising in Parangtritis with lack of facilities available. The existence of karaoke spaces has made a shift in the scene of prostitution in Parangtritis. Some prostitutes are changing the switch into karaoke guides. However, the existence of karaoke spaces still felt disturbing the peace and comfort of residents around Parangtritis. Finally karaoke spaces in Parangtritis are closed by the police department.

From there comes the character of Siti. She is a young mother who takes care of her mother-in-law, Darmi; his son, Bagas; and her husband, Bagus who paralyzed due to an accident when he's fishing. Siti struggles to support them. I want to tell the details of her daily life, starting in the morning till night. I want to see how Siti's life in the morning, how she manages everything: preparing to trade, preparing her son to school, and taking care of her husband. At noon, I want to see her sells jingking crackers in Parangtritis; how Siti is eager to take a moment to play with his son. And I want to see how Siti works at night as a karaoke guide.

This film tells about family, about Siti's struggles and loyalty, when the situation is squeezing her.



    Narina Saraswati 

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    Lya Li