Sketches of Lou

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    Sketches of Lou

    Skizzen von Lou

    Directed by

    Switzerland, Germany, Austria


    82 min

    • Swiss German


    Lou is a restless city nomad. In her constant search for freedom, the twentysomething has long suppressed what it is she is actually running from. Devoid of a permanent home and intent on travelling abroad, she meets Aro – who is different. Lou and Aro involuntarily affect each other more deeply than either expected. Without noticing it, Lou suddenly has expectations and feelings of jealousy, emotions that contradict her longing for independence. For Lou, this marks the beginning of an internal emotional conflict that takes her on a journey into her own past, from the melting pot of a summer in Zurich to the cool serenity of a glacier landscape.


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    Liliane Amuat
    Dashmir Ristemi
    Noëmi Steffen
    Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler
    Lisa Blatter
    Gaëtan Varone
    Myriam Flury
    Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler

    Director's Statement

    One question I keep coming back to is whether our society’s search for freedom has become so overwhelming it’s turned into a paralyzing force. Whatever we do, we can do out of our own free will – without being restricted by economic restraints in the struggle for survival. We’re prisoners caught in the rat race of individualized affluence and the projection of freedom. True masters of repression, we run, as soon as we run the risk of getting to know ourselves – in reality as well as in the figurative sense. However, we all get to the point where we are lonely, in a void, waiting – but for what? We are so busy with our self-fulfillment, we forget to stand still, take a breath and think of what happiness actually is made of: love maybe, family and solidarity?

    With my film, I ask whether love has the power to unravel everything. The deeper the relationship between Aro and Lou becomes, the more they let this happen, the more they realize how lonely their lives are and ultimately, how scared they are of their lives. This war-of-attrition back and forth - that I’m sure we all know from our own love lives - is what fascinates me. To me, this is a fight for belonging and letting happen. I understand love to be a trigger of the desire for wanting to let go of old patterns. Love is caring for another, irrespective of one’s much feared flaws, regardless of the price tag attached. Even running from love will lead us back to our deepest traumas, to overcome which somehow remains a goal in life – in the end, it’s all about coming home.

    2:1 FILM GMBH
    Lisa Blatter

    Lisa Blatter


    Lisa Blatter (1979) was born as the daughter of the author Silvio Blatter and the artist Mona Blatter in Heide (D) and grew up in Zurich. She attended High School in Stadelhofen and worked part-time as a journalist for TA-Media and Ringier. Again and again she spent several months on journeys. The roadtrips led her across the USA, to Japan and the Balkans.
    After two years of studding Education of Arts and Design, she learned the craft of filmmaking also at University of Arts and Design in Zürich, in the department of Film, where she graduated 2008. The short films, SAD BOYS DANCE WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING and AFTERGLOW which were produced during her studies, were shown successfully at numerous festivals, the latter was also shown at the FF Locarno. AFTERGLOW was nominated for the German Junior Award by First Steps in 2008.
    Besides her function as a director, Lisa Blatter also worked for several other film projects. In cooperation with Jan Gassmann and Julia Tal, she founded the production company 2:1 Film GmbH in 2010, were Lisa Blatter stated producing cinematic documentary feature films. Her documentaries premiered at internatial filmfestivals: CONCRETE LOVE by Maurizius Staerkle Drux premiered at Dok Leipzig and won several prices. The documentary film EUROPE, SHE LOVES by Jan Gassmann opened the Panorama Dokumente at the Berlin IFF.
    Her first feature film SKETCHES OF LOU which premiered in Zurich FF.

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