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Small Crime

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Small Crime (Mikro eglima)

Directed by Christos Georgiou

  • Cyrpus, Germany, Greece 2008; 88 min
  • Original version: Greek
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of HAPPY BIRTHDAY presented at Crossroads

  • From the director of HAPPY BIRTHDAY presented at Berlinale Co-Production Market


This delightful romantic comedy focuses on an eager young cop professionally suffering in a beautiful but remote Greek island. Instead of getting to solve major crimes in a big city, Leonidas deals with roadway scofflaws and naked beach tourists. When the local wino – a former soccer star -- is found dead, the cop treats it as a homicide, much to the chagrin of his lazy boss. Clues and suppositions lead Leonidas to many suspects, including Angeliki, a beautiful and famous TV star, who has mysteriously returned to the island. Like RASHOMON or even Hitchcock’s THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, Georgiou’s film considers multiple points-of-view while trying to uncover “the truth,” all with a heavy dose of humor and just 2-3 too many pratfalls.




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