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Directed by Daniel Hui

  • Singapore, Portugal 2014; 105 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Special Jury Award - Torino FF
    • Special Mention (International Competition) - RIDM


In 2066, a survivor of an enigmatic cult recounts his country’s traumatic history and the events leading to the rise and fall of the cult. Ghosts from 2014 and before appear as witnesses. Part dream documentary, part city symphony, this film traces the lineage of oppression as inscribed in Singapore’s landscape and collective unconscious.

Director's Statement

Singapore has had a long history of civil disobedience, culminating in the 1950s. This history has been buried by the ruling party in Singapore, because it still reflects negatively on them. […] I was particularly interested in the cinema of this period because I found many parallels between its ideals and the ideals of activists and politicians at that time. Both wanted a racially-integrated society that is independent and no longer colonized. Unfortunately, Singapore’s history has only proven to be the opposite. Researching this history has been really saddening, because of all the lost opportunities and abandoned paths my country could have taken.



    Bee Thaim Tan 


    Pedro Fernandes Duarte, Joana Gusmão