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Sneakers (Kecove)

Directed by Ivan Vladimirov, Valeri Yordanov

  • Bulgaria 2011; 111 min
  • Original version: Bulgarian
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Action
    • Best Music - Bulgarian Film Academy

  • Bulgarian Submission for the Academy Awards

  • From the director of CALL ME SHAKESPEARE presented at Sofia Meetings


Six young people on their way to the seaside. They all have their reasons to escape here from the gloomy, melancholy city where they live. Blackbird and Tiny, for example. Blackbird's father has just died. On the evening of his father's funeral, he is attacked by a bald-headed man and his companion in the pub where he sometimes plays guitar. Tiny joins in to help his friend and steals the gun of the man's sidekick.
Ivo and Ran are actors, but Ran would like to become a writer. They both have money problems, drug problems, but also problems with the police. Ran has to give up his apartment. His girlfriend has just left him for another man. “Tomboy“ Emily, who would prefer to be a man, has problems with her family and with her own moodiness. Grey is the only person who understands her. They all set off on their way East, to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, to one of the few wild beaches not filled with holiday resorts. Ivo has a video camera with him. He films everything: their joking around, the casual affairs, discussions about anything and everything. He intends this to be a film for his girlfriend back home. Here on the beach they have a refuge for their friendship, a place to live just as they please. That's how it seems, at least until a few lads with beach bikes turn up and want to chase them away, But then Tiny grabs the stolen gun, and the situation escalates dramatically ...
Ivan Vladimirov's and Valeri Yordanow's first feature film is a perfectly staged multi-layered plea of the desire of a young generation for freedom. Here outside in the fresh air by the sea, the six friends can live out their dream of freedom, at least for a limited time, knowing full well that their daily lives won't carry on like this.



    Galina Toneva